We wanted to purchase a Broncolor Beauty Dish, from Prima Imaging so we contacted them and asked for a test, because we wanted to see how it works for us. Tapi kita perlu subject, kebetulan kita di tawarin untuk foto 7 cewe yang lagi berjuang untuk mewujudkan mimpi mereka dateng ke Ibukota untuk jadi grup band cewek. Datanglah 7Icons ke studio kita, very nice girls and well prepared, even though they didn’t know Bintaro area, they came all the way in one car full of girls (which I don’t wanna be in one). The dish came early, and we decided to take some test shoots, they also need some frames for TVC. So off we go, we did white-on-whites scenes to add more shininess on then so they look sparkling. They danced and sing for us for a bit, lovely girls and we wished them good luck along with the pictures.

here’s our family photo:

And then they launch their video clip which you can find here: PLAYBOY

they also have their own TV series… what a blast, in such short time they are now famous around Indonesia.

I went back to my home town just a week ago and while driving around, I passed by a photo that very familiar to me, turns out they used our photo for their billboard promotion. Hahahahaha… finally our photo is up on the billboard, we didn’t get anything but hey, its on.



Look through people’s blog and you’ll find interesting stuff! The other day we came across Fashion-Maverick loved it, and try to get the blogger to style our shoot. Turns out Heidy Kalalo wanted to make a catalogue for her MEMO clothing line. So we said why not, come to our studio and we’ll make it happened. So they did, the model Sheila came already polished, I think it was Kiky Lutan who did the make up and it was at a Starbucks cafe they said, cuz of their hectic schedule in hectic city.


We tried to make this look very simple with simple light, and try to draw attention to the clothes with dark background. We loved this shoot so much, cuz we have the opportunity to work with a pro stylist, and we love her taste of clothing. Everything just fell into places, after the shoot we had dinner and laugh all the way through.


Looking through model mayhem, trying to find more contacts, found a make up artist to collaborate. So we had a meeting in Canteen (great place to eat) in Plaza Indonesia to talk about the shoot, turns out she’s a friend of a friend back in the States. Irene(irene.wangsa@gmail.com) just got to Jakarta and wanted to continue what she started in the States. We came up with an idea of classic glamour 50’s style. Daniella Faccinelli is the model, she’s very professional, friendly and really knows what she’s doing.



Few months back, I contacted Iranidya a young designer fresh graduated from LaSalle College in Jakarta. I wanted to have her collection to be in front of my camera, and then she decided to make a catalogue. So we did it, it was hard to find a model, but then we heard of this well known Indonesian model, Riri Mickey. She’s on top of her career and very well-known among photographers. We had Alex Tipa to do the make up as always. It was a winter collection edition, karena kita lagi asik ama catalogue-look kita, dan juga tantangan buat kita, karena kebanyakan dari bajunya ber elemen putih maka kita akan coba white on white. Well the white stands for snow anyways. Love working with a solid team, you’ll get more than you asked!!! This one we tried to use the same pose, but different styling.



Untuk project kedua kita, kita coba pake stylist yang memberikan kita baju baju Lenny Agustin (http://www.lennyagustin.com/), wow… lumayan banget… dapet baju designer ternama. Kita udah bilang dari pertama kalo kita mau thema yang sedikit ke Timu-an alias Asia, kebetulan waktu itu deket sama Imlek, jadilah kita bekerja sama dengan model yang tidak asing lagi di Jakarta yang lebih dikenal dengan Jeidy (bener ga ya tulisannya) well, its been so much fun working with you… thx to Sussy our stylist and again Alex Tipa for the flawless make up.

This time we are trying to be more catalogue-like with white on the BG and simple lighting on her. And the end of the day we decided to merge each style into one page.



Then the next day, kita ambil shoot lagi dengan Lilla dengan wardrobe yang mirip, tetapi kita coba style yang berbeda, shot with strobist/Terry Richardson style

Then we tried new layout to show parts of the accessories.



Baru aja nge-print PORTFOLIO kita buat 2011 ini akhirnya rampung juga, dan kita memutuskan untuk ya sudahlah kita print dan sebarluaskan (marketing gituh ceritanya)

Portfolio kita isinya sekitar 40-an halaman ukuran A4 4/4 (bulak balik) ada sedikit tulisan tentang apa itu fashion photography dan still life, kebanyakan karya kita sementara ini baru di fashion. Ada juga bagusnya nyusun portfolio ini, kita jadi liat kebelakang apa aja yang kita udah bikin, bisa jadi tolak ukur dan juga untuk acuan mau bikin apa lagi.

Baru ngeprint draftnya pake Art Paper 120 g print di Benhil di STAR klo ga salah, sekitar 200rb an, hasilnya lumayan, tapi gw tetep aja kurang puas ama hasil print nya, mungkin akan coba lagi di tempat laen, atau mungkin kertasnya kali ya yang ngaruh…

And I think this would be a great start for us, we’ll se where we will be next year.

Note to self: gotta spend some more time on blogging.



Yay! foto pertama kita! So the story was, we contacted an model agency in Jakarta called POSH (http://poshmanagement.wordpress.com) and we got the lovely Andrea Buitrago to do this first project. the idea behind is just to prove that we can actually work together as one. Untuk foto pertama kita ini, kita dibantu sama Om Junus sebagai stylist kita dan juga Om Alex Tipa sebagai make up artist (MUA) kita.

Kita cukup puas dengan karya pertama kita, and this is what pumped us to do more, more, and more!

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